Thursday, 7 July 2016

Eid ul Fitr 2016

And the most anticipated day of the year is over! After weeks of prepping, buying presents for the family, decorating the house, making and baking biscuits and all things yummy, the day is over. Ramadhan this year was so incredible as always, the atmosphere in the neighbourhood is just something so different, it's indescribable. Everyone's mood is just generally uplifted, but before you know it, the month flies by. 

Eid day was just amazing this year, and it was extra special because of 2 new arrivals to the family, my beautiful niece and nephew. My family love to go all out on Eid, and we make extra effort to put up tons of decorations the night before and make sure the house is spick and span. This year I ordered most of the Eid decor online from Muslim Sticker Company, they've got a great range of Eid balloons, banners, buntings, Eid lights and also gift ideas and I ordered a few bits from Amazon  too. My sisters are keen bakers so they're in charge of all the baking in our house. This year I had a go at baking biscuits myself, and they turned out to be a success, So I had to make an extra batch! 

My favourite thing about Eid is gift giving, and receiving of course! Finding gifts for my siblings this year was so exciting and I got some real good bargains this year in the pre-summer sales too. I'll link a few gifts ideas below for inspiration. 

  • Beard grooming kit for the lads who already have or trying to grow a beard from Mo Bro's
  • Baby girls denim trench coat from Zara that I bought for my niece. 
  • Tanya Bakes  cooking book for my sister who is a baking addict.
  • Clothes from Forever21 for my sister who's starting college after the holidays and plus they've got a sale on right now. 

For my outfit I wore some gold culottes that I picked up from the Forever21 sale and my sister's top from a local boutique. 

I hope you guys had an amazing Eid and got lots of Eidi too!!

Habeebah xxx

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