Saturday, 16 July 2016

Inventing the "SKOP" - a fashion breakthrough

Hey guys! ANOTHER takeover by BibaYusuf's fave sister Haajirah :) Okay, so I think I've started a new trend… No wait, I HAVE! Wearing a skirt as a top!! (genius, I know!)  I actually created the outfit by accident, when I put a skirt on with the zip still up and it got stuck at my shoulders annnnd… the "skop" invention was created. *humbly accepts congratulating back pats.*

I wanted to keep the skop (yes, I've just made the skirt-top official) looking casual for a picnic/everyday look so I paired the daring orange skirt with dark denim culottes, and block heeled sandals, which by the way all belong to Habeebah. You can probably tell I'm dying to be her.

The neck of the skop, (waist of skirt) was waaay too big so I pinned it at the back so you couldn't tell it was a skirt. 

It looks like a flowy top because of the pleats. They were probably the best bit of the skop because they made it look unique. 

You can't see it here but I wore a vest top underneath just in case the wind blew the skop up. For a casual look, I kept my make up neutral with a simple winged liner, brown lip and tons of highlight.


The skop can be dressed up too. My model (aka the sis) decided to try the skop out so she wore one for
Eid. She paired the dark floral skirt with pastel culottes, black heels and a gold bag. 

I loved the glitter eyes that jazzed up the outfit so well, along with a pink lip (and hoops earrings for life) Also can we appreciate them fleeky eyebrows!!!

I would definitely wear the skop (I just love that word) again both casual or evening looks.
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  1. OMG! Such a good idea! I love it X

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