Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The 2 minute healthy breakfast.

So its been almost a month since I last posted on here and well thats because I've been busy settling into university. Everything is still a bit new to me, I got lost a few times, set the alarm off in the library, already made enough trips to Starbucks its become my second home, had my first 7 hours of lectures in a row, bumped into people I hadn't seen in years and almost tripped at the sight of a life size human dummy (which ironically I shall be using a lot in my clinicals for the next 3 years).  But having said that I'm excited to be back into a regular routine even if it means early starts and late finishes.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who wakes up in the morning, looks at the time, panics and frantically rushes to look decent enough and make it to school, work or wherever you need to be in the morning on time. Obviously waking up late means leaving the house on an empty stomach becomes a regular occurrence. I try to grab either a banana, pre-made smoothie or cereal bar on the way out but these rarely keep me full until lunchtime. Instead I try to make a quick filling breakfast the night before that I can either gobble down in a few minutes, or take with me on the go.

These are my go to easy breakfast ideas that are packed with protein and guaranteed to keep you full for a good few hours so no more of that embarrasing stomach grumbling in lectures!
You can either make them the night before and keep in the fridge or make on the day since they only take a couple of minutes to make.

Very berry


  • Mixed berries, I used strawberries and blueberries but raspberries and blackberries work too. 
  • Yoghurt, I use coconut yoghurt or greek style but any yoghurt will do
  • Granola 
  • Honey
  • Crushed mixed nuts (source of protein)


  • Layer ingredients in a jar/dish or if taking on the go use a container with a lid. Start with the fruit, yoghurt, then granola and finish off with a squeeze of honey. 
  • If making the night before, don't add the granola as it gets soggy. Rather add it on the top in the morning and voila! A healthy breakfast under 2 minutes. 


Tropical sunrise.


  • Coconut yoghurt or plain yoghurt if you prefer
  • Fresh mango or pineapple chunks
  • Banana (sliced)
  • 1 passionfruit 
  • Granola

  • Exactly the same as the above, layer the ingredients in the dish you are using and enjoy! If you can't find fresh passionfruit, swap it for a squeeze of lime instead. 

Hope this gave you guys some inspiration and please send me/tag me in any of your photos if you recreate this.

Habeebah xxx

Friday, 9 January 2015

DIY: Nutella hot chocolate.

I have yet to meet a single person who dislikes my two favourite things in the world; hot chocolate and Nutella! Theres just something that happens to my mood as soon as I take that first gulp of divine chocolatey hazelnut goodness, it can only be described as heart warming. Since my Instagram consists mostly of my breakfast snaps and hot chocolate, I get asked time and time again what the secret is to my addictive hot chocolate, and so of course I'm going to be sharing that with you! Right lets get cracking..!

Ingredients to make two mugfuls:

  •  2 mugs almond milk/whole milk
  •  1 heaped tblsp Nutella
  •  Cinnamon (optional)
  •  Squirty cream
  •  Marshmallows


1. In a pan heat up the milk and before it comes to a boil add the Nutella. Whisk well until the Nutella has completely melted.

2. Add cinnamon if desired and then pour into mugs/latte glasses. Leave to cool for a couple of minutes.

3. Top with tons of whipped cream, marshmallows and more cinnamon if desired.

Enjoy!!! Be sure to send me pics with the hashtag #bibaskitchen I would love to see your version of this delightful drink.

Habeebah xxx

Thursday, 1 January 2015

2014 Favourites

I know I probably say this every single year when I realise the year is coming to an end but wow, this year has flown by! Welcome 2015, I hope you are full of good surprises, amazing memories and obviously new food discoveries :)

2014 shall definitely be remembered for all the good reasons since I stumbled upon some great new products that I have been addicted to using and many of which I have repurchased again and again throughout the year. So without rambling on, here are my beauty and non- beauty favourites.

1. Bioderma! Yes as dramatic as it sounds, this cleanser has changed my life. It was recommended to me a few months ago by a fellow friend (shout out to Maariyah if you ever read this!) and I was hooked from the first use. Theres nothing else to say other than it removes makeup and also cleans all the grime and dirt of your face leaving the skin smooth, even and completely breathable.

2.  I'm pretty sure I'm not the only person who wakes up most mornings, looks in the mirror and instantly thinks, great I look like a frog. :( Well whenever I do have one of those days I instantly reach for my amazing Collection lasting perfection concealer. It really does a great job at hiding dark circles, spots, blemishes and any other marks that need covering so I just had to add this to my great finds of 2014. And at only £4.19 this concealer is one of them products that should definitely be worth a lot more.  I would and have recommended this to every person i know!

3. Right then, on a more personal note, I have something to confess and although I try to hide and deny this dirty secret, theres too much evidence to suggest otherwise. so here it is: I'm addicted to buying statement necklaces. I've now lost count of how many I own and places to store them. It also doesn't help that every single high street shop comes out with new styles literally every month and put them on sale regularly. Having said that I don't just admire and hoard them, rather I believe an outfit isn't complete without a piece of jewellery so you'll never see me without a necklace on, unless of course I'm in my pj's or at the gym :)
It was extremely difficult to narrow it down and pick one, but I flipped through some pictures of me throughout the year and this one from Newlook seemed to be most popular. (and at £2.00 it was almost free!)

4.  My Fuji film instal mini was probably my favourite find of the year! As you might have guessed I love taking photos and this was perfect to capture them beautiful moments and the best part watching them print out instantly so you can share them with loved ones. 

5. So onto my favourite part: FOOD!! Well not exactly food, but my Nutribullet definitely helped me make the most delicious and nutritious juices and smoothies. Its a very powerful blender that is designed to help you get your 5 a day easily and well, it helped me achieve just that! At £99.99 its quite a splurge (luckily I got mine as a gift) but so worth it! 

6. Annnndd finally my last favourite of 2014 is actually an App called Brit + Co that I've been obsessed with. Its free to download and is filled with cute ideas, DIY's, recipes, things to buy, fashion and basically a little bit of everything is the best way to describe it. Rather than me rambling on, go download it now!!!

Well, thats just a few of my personal favourites, I would love to know what your favourites have been so feel free to leave me comments below. Heres to a great year and hopefully 2015 will bring even more amazing surprises. 

Habeebah xx