Friday 24 July 2015

June/July favourites

Hey all my amazing readers! Hope you all had a great month and made the most of the blessed month of Ramadhan. Honestly though, how fast did the days fly by? And it won't be long until Ramadhan will be upon us again. Anyway this month has been brilliant after my potential life changing discovery of the Jersey hijaab. As dramatic as it may sound, I'm sat here wondering why it has taken me this long to have these in my life, so, let me break this ingenious invention down for you. You know when you have those days where you wake up in the morning, get your fav cereal out, open the fridge, grab the gallon of milk, about to pour over your cereal...but wait, THERE'S NO MILK LEFT! So now you have 2 options; either go to the corner shop and buy some more or have something else for breakfast. The first option is obviously not going to happen because you know the time it'll take you to go upstairs and put your hijaab on it will probably lunch time by then. And option 2, well urgh I bet you really wanted that cereal didn't you?

Okay, well maybe that situation was a little dramatic but let me assure you that a situation like that is why the Jersey hijaab was invented. Well I think so anyway. You just wrap it round your head and you're good to go! No pins, no mirror, seriously this hijaab is going to stay in place whether you're sweating it out on the tennis court or taking a trip to Alton Towers. (I am a little dramatic aren't I? But do you see my point?!!) The jersey hijaab got yo back!

They've got a great range of colours at Ar-Rahmah gift store on Evington road (if you live in Leicester) or have a look on There's plenty on there to choose from.

A few more things that need a quick mention is the Seventeen contour kit from Boots. I've been loving this since I'm not a huge fan of contouring (takes too much time) but this does the job real quick! Also another new discovery is the Olive oil aloe shampoo which has magically transformed my hair from dry and damaged to thick, glossy, shiny and visibly healthy. And finally, the Virgin Mojito shower gel from The Body shop which is so refreshing especially if you shower in the morning it really wakes you up and smells good enough to drink!

Hope you found this post useful and let me know if you try any of these products.
Until next time.

Habeebah xxx

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