Saturday 14 February 2015

Current favourites.

Wow, we're already half way through February and the days are flying by. This may be sad news for some but since I'm counting down the days until spring and warmer weather, I can say 2015 is off to an almost perfect start. Theres quite a few new discoveries I've made these past few weeks but best of all I rediscovered products that I once couldn't live without. I've linked where to buy all the products so you can buy and try them yourself.

Since the start of the year, my number one priority has been looking after my skin and keeping it hydrated and moisturised. My skincare routine has changed dramatically which includes wearing very minimal make-up on a daily basis and absolutely no make-up on the weekends or very rarely. The weekend gives my skin a chance to breathe and thats the best time I get to use my face masks and let potions and lotions work their magic. I've been addicted to using my Frank coffee scrub which I have to admit the first few times I used it, I wasn't a huge fan. However I've noticed a huge difference to my skin in terms of being more plump and hydrated and I can't go a week without using it. I would definitely recommend it to my babes out there who have problems with their skin because lets face it girls (or guys), who can say they've always had perfect skin?

Sticking on the theme of skincare, I was in Urban Outfitters recently and my eyes instantly fell on the EOS lip balms. They had some new flavours come out including a coconut milk one which I bought. I used to go through these so quickly and couldn't believe I had forgotten how much I loved them. They're super hydrating, easy to carry around in your bag and last for ages on your lips, even overnight! Along with not being able to live without my lip balm, I've been using the Benefit posie tint
almost everyday. Its such a beautiful natural pink colour which you can also use on your cheeks as a blush, but I prefer it on my lips. I got given a trial size in my Benefit Sexy & Scrumptious xmas gift set and I shall most definitely be getting my hands on the full size soon!

Another make-up product I've been loving recently is the Naked Basics palette. The shades are so  matte, highly pigmented, blend so easily and not to mention they last all day, up to the point where I remove my make-up at night. An absolute must have!

This might come as a shock, but I'm not much of a perfume hoarder or the type of person who gets overly excited about perfumes. Yes, I know that sounds kind of weird, but I do have a few perfumes that I absolutely love and I also like to use up whatever I've got in my tiny collection. This month I've been loving the really sweet girly scents especially leading up to my brothers wedding week. One of those scents have been Vera Wang Princess, I absolutely adore this pretty floral and fruity fragrance, which without a doubt I'm sure every girl has in her collection.

Another favourite that needs no introduction but a quick mention is my selfie stick which I used so much during the wedding week. Its so easy to use and takes perfect group pictures, and if you are one of them people that hasn't yet heard of this genius invention, well all I can say is go back to that rock you've been living under!

And finally I can never leave out a food favourite can I? Absolutely no way! So I did mention at the beginning about taking care of my skin, and believe it or not the food you eat plays a major part on the condition of your skin. Grapefruit has always been a favourite fruit of mine, especially grilled grapefruit with a sprinkle of brown sugar in the morning is just oh so lush! Aside from that, I've been making grapefruit smoothies in the morning and these are especially perfect for those of you who find grapefruit too bitter. All you need are 3 ingredients to make 1 large cup: half a pink grapefruit, 1 cup orange juice and half a frozen banana and just blend it up. Grapefruit is packed with Vitamin C with does wonders for your skin but it also boosts your immune system helping you to fight off these nasty winter colds and flu.

Hope you enjoyed reading my current favourites, leave me a comment on my Instagram, twitter or Facebook if you buy or try any of these products and let me know what kind of posts you want to see here next!

Habeebah xxx

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