Monday 23 March 2015

My holiday essentials.

Spring break is right around the corner and that means holidays! If you're jetting off anywhere warm this easter and stressing about what to pack then I'm here to help. If you're anything like me there'll be a million questions going through your head. "How can I possibly choose only TWO lipsticks? Which outfits shall I take? What if I go over the baggage allowance?"

I can assure you taking minimal items is the best advice I can give you which means only take clothing  that you know you will wear. None of that, "Oh I can wear this if we decide go out in the evenings." Take a couple of pair of jeans, a few plain t-shirts/ blouses that can be worn in the daytime and dressed up with a statement necklace and a pair of heels for the evening. Its as simple as that. So here are some of my essentials that you mustn't forget to pack in your suitcase.

Sunglasses and floppy hats are a must especially if you're going to a hot and sunny climate. One pair of sunglasses is enough, there's definitely no need for more. I've been loving my round shape sunglasses recently from New look  so I can't forget to pack those! Next comes footwear - the most difficult thing to pack. Take a pair of comfortable neutral coloured sandals or shoes (depending on the weather) that you can wear for most of the day and a pair of heels or shoes for the evening (because who doesn't eat out in the evenings when on holiday). My Birkenstocks are the ideal holiday sandals, both super long wearing and comfy.

Packing make-up is actually more simple than it seems since I'm sure you don't want to be caking your face while you're there. I prefer not to wear any make up on holiday unless I'm going out in the evening so a red lip and false lashes are perfect. The only make up i'll be taking with me is my favourite Collection concealer (mentioned in my 2014 Favourites  post), the Ted Baker blusher/bronzer duo shown above that gives a beautiful glow, a red lipstick from Topshop, and my favourite pair of false lashes from Huda beauty in Claudia.
Along with make up comes toiletries and I can't stress enough how useful taking mini travel size essentials are. However since I'm going for more than a week, I'll probably need to take full size products and not forgetting that my sisters seem to think they can just share my shampoo and shower gel like its no big deal.

And finally, don't forget to pack a camera with you to capture those picture-perfect moments. I'm obviously not going anywhere without my Polaroid and I'll have my trusty iPhone too so look out for a post entirely on scenic photos when I get back. Follow me on Instagram- bibayusuf to keep updated on my trip.

Have a great spring break!

Habeebah xxx

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