Friday 17 April 2015

Tourist in Lisbon.

Lisbon, Lisboa, bela Lisboa. Where do I start? I spent the most incredible 3 nights in Lisbon over the easter break basking in the sunshine, roaming from street to street, admiring the famous architecture but most of all devouring tons of Pastel nata and sipping on freshly squeezed orange juice.

So after enduring a tiring, boring 10 hour wait in Madrid which included several espresso shots, we finally boarded an hours flight and arrived to the beautiful city of Lisbon. I spent the first day exploring the local area since our hotel was in the Praca de Figueira which is one of the large main squares in the centre of Lisbon. It is home to tons of independent shops and markets packed with tourists and locals who are so helpful and kind I must add.

Immediately, the architecture was the first thing that caught my eye. The buildings in the city centre are the remains of pre 18th century before the catastrophic earthquake of 1755. They are brightly painted and adorned with intricate patterns and paintings heavily influenced by the cultures of Romans, Arabs and Germanic people that had once ruled there.

The second day we spent as what you might call 'real' tourists starting the morning off with a delicious breakfast then hopping onto a on open top bus tour for a few hours around Lisbon. Later that day we went down to the port which was only a couple of minutes walk from our hotel to admire the gorgeous scenery, watch the breathtaking sunset and finished off a perfect evening with a mouthwatering meal of prawns and grilled sardines.

The third and final day we spent on the beach and eating A LOT OF FOOD!! I'm sure y'all know by now that I'm a major foodie so this day I must have had at least 5 or 6 meals trying a bit of everything just so that I wouldn't regret not having missed out on any of the food. I most definitely shall not forget the chocolate filled croissant I had on the last day, it was literally oozing with warm chocolate and every mouthful was just so DIVINE! The rest of the day was spent browsing around the shops and picking up some gifts for the family and friends including olive oil made in portugal, famous portuguese chicken seasoning and obviously you can't forget the souvenirs can you? Fridge magnets, key rings, you know the drill.

Bright and early the next day we had our suitcases all packed, checked out of the hotel and ready to hit the road for Algarve which is approx 240km from Lisbon. Hope you enjoyed reading this, stay updated on my Instagram for the next post on my week of adventures in Algarve!

So until next time.

Habeebah xxx

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