Saturday 12 March 2016

Random life hacks and tips.

These life hacks and tips I seriously live by and thought I should share, even though some of them you've probably come across before anyway.

1. My most important advice I've given to myself this year is to drink more water!! And I know it's easier said than done, so what I've been doing recently is filling up a water bottle at night and keeping it at my bedside so that first thing when I wake up in the morning I gulp that water down. There's so many benefits of having water when you wake up, but most importantly, it helps to boost metabolism!

2. If you have trouble sleeping, or getting to sleep at night I advise you keep some lavender oil at your bedside and put a few drops onto your pillow and duvet. Lavender oil helps to induce deep slumber in which the heartbeat slows down and the muscles relax. Other tips to help you sleep better is to avoid electronics at least 30 minutes before you plan to sleep as the artificial light emitted from electronics prevent you from feeling sleepy. Drinking a warm glass of milk, taking a shower/bath or reading a book before bed also help you sleep better.

3. The worst possible thing that can happen is waking up in the morning, looking in the mirror and arghhhhh you've developed a GIGANTIC spot overnight. A trick that works for me every time is drying the spot out with baby powder and then applying Sudocrem on the spot before you sleep.

4. I Recently discovered this life hack and it is genius!! If you want to create your own nose pore strips, take some PVA glue and spread an even layer over your nose and leave on until its completely dry (usually takes between 20-30 minutes). Then comes the best bit, peel off the glue and just run your fingers down your nose. Feel how soft it is!! Also who remembers spreading glue on the back of their hand in primary school, waiting for it to dry and then satisfyingly peeling it off? or was that just me?

5. Having a money saving jar in your room or car is the smartest idea ever! Buy a money tin that is completely sealed (the one's you can only open with a tin opener), and so you will be less tempted to open it before its full.

6. When washing your hands, always wet your hands first before applying soap or hand wash as this will stop them from drying them out. If you apply soap to dry hands, the soap embeds into the pores of the skin and leaves residue that cracks the skin, so always apply soap to wet hands!

Hope these tips were helpful!

Habeebah xxx

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